• Factors to Consider When Ordering Your Business Signs

    Ordering your business signs can be an exciting and nerve-wracking time. Your signs are going to represent your business, so they must be proofread for errors and content before being ordered. This is one important factor to keep in mind when ordering your business signs near Chandler and Phoenix . Let’s take a closer look at some other important factors. Store Signs

    How do you plan to use your business signs?

    Before you order your business signs, you need to examine how you plan to use your signs and what you hope to achieve. For example, you may want a large sign located outside your store to establish your business and draw customers in. With this goal in mind, look at the various sign materials, colors, and designs that can help you meet your goal. If you plan to use different business signs throughout your store, then you can use different materials and designs from your outdoor signs. Take these important details into consideration when you meet with your sign company.

    Will you be able to keep them maintained?

    Since there are so many materials used for signs, you must ensure that you can uphold the maintenance requirements of the sign you choose. Most sign materials require little maintenance, but it is best to be prepared. If you choose an illuminated sign or a custom LED design, then you need to know the electrical maintenance requirements so it functions properly. If you choose different vehicle graphics for your company vehicles, then ensure you are washing your vehicles and signs correctly to maintain their integrity and design.

    Do you have the right design for your business?

    You must double and triple check your finished design before submitting it to your sign company. Let several of your trusted employees and those close to the business examine the sign design. Ensure that it matches your individual company’s personality, as well as the industry it is involved in. This is a crucial step before submitting your sign design because the finished product will likely be irreversible.

  • The Importance of Foot Traffic for Retailers

    Foot traffic is the most important aspect of a retail store’s success. By advertising with neon signs, effective sign design , product promotions, and so much more, a retailer can increase their profit margin significantly. However, retailers must know the proper tools to increase the foot traffic into their store. Let’s look at how important foot traffic is and how retailers can benefit from a custom-made sign in Chandler and Phoenix.

    As seen in this short video, a retailer can increase his revenue by bringing the average customer in at least once more than he or she normally does. Intriguing customers and calling them into a retail store, however, can only happen with effective advertising. Erecting large LED signs or passing out vehicle magnets are easy ways to bring in more traffic. Retailers need this foot traffic to keep their store running and equipped to handle business that other less successful stores cannot.

  • The Benefits of Lighted Signs

    One of the most difficult aspects of running a business is actually getting people to purchase your products or employ your services. It’s a competitive world out there, and business owners will do whatever they can to break away from the herd. If you’re struggling to attract the attention you deserve, consider installing a custom-made lighted sign near your storefront. You’ll find that working with a business sign company in Chandler and Phoenix is easy, and in the end, profitable. Open Sign

    Attract Customer Attention

    Even if you have the best product in town, your customers won’t know about it until they walk in the door. If word-of-mouth isn’t working as quickly as you’d like, consider taking matters into your own hands with an illuminated sign. A bright sign will catch the eye of motorists and pedestrians as they pass by your business, imprinting your brand in their memories. A well-made sign should be relatively simple, and be clearly legible both day and night.

    Increase Professionalism

    Whether you’re running a restaurant or a hardware store, it always pays to be professional. Traditional, non-illuminated signs aren’t just difficult for customers to see, but they give off an air of amateurism. Installing a custom illuminated sign shows that your business is in the big leagues, and that you’re on the same level as your corporate competitors. You’ll find that your customers are comforted by a well-made illuminated sign that shows a little production value.

    Enhance Your Brand

    Building a brand is a big part of running a successful business. Simply put, your brand is a visual representation of your business’s products or services, and is closely tied with your reputation. As your business thrives, you’ll find new ways to get your brand out into the public and create buzz around your business. If you are willing to invest in a custom-made illuminated sign, it can become the flagship of your brand, tacitly strengthening the relationship between your business and your customers.

  • Your Guide to Choosing the Best Colors for Your Exterior Business Sign

    Choosing colors for your outdoor sign in Chandler and Phoenix can seem daunting, especially considering how important colors can be for drawing in customers. Your signage should feature the colors of your business’ industry while also representing your individual business. Your business’ sign design and colors need to attract and showcase your business to entice customers to enter your store. Continue reading for a brief guide on how to choose colors for your outdoor signs. Colorful - Sign

    Think about your entire sign.

    Though your colors are extremely important to subconsciously affecting your clientele, you must consider how those colors will interact with your entire sign design. If you have a specific mascot that features on your exterior signs, then the colors must complement or interact with this feature in a positive and understandable way. It is also necessary to ensure the colors are legible through the font that you have chosen, or that the predetermined colored writing will stand out nicely over your background color.

    Choose colors for your business.

    Colors have been proven to affect the way customers react to various types of business. For example, red and orange can stimulate appetite, making these ideal colors for restaurants. Greens and browns are seen as natural, healthy colors, so they are often associated with grocery stores and whole foods stores. Choose your exterior sign’s colors based on the colors commonly associated with your business’ industry. These colors will draw in more customers to your store and encourage them to purchase from you.

    Consider contrasting colors for impact.

    Contrasting colors, such as blue and orange or green and purple, can have a significant impact on your exterior signage. These types of colors create a dynamic and interesting looking sign that will invoke customers’ curiosity. Refrain from using overpowering colors or a vastly uneven use of colors on your storefront signs. By using overpowering or intense colors, you risk customers misunderstanding or disliking your sign’s message. Look for a healthy mixture of all the colors you choose.