Exterior Illuminated Business Signs in Phoenix

Creating unique Business Brands in Phoenix and Chandler

Exterior signage is often the first aspect of your business a client will encounter. Thus, the design and quality of your illuminated signs can have a significant impact on first-time and returning customers. 1 Stop Signs has been serving the Phoenix area with custom made signs since 1996. Our sign company near Phoenix is here to help you develop branded business signs that work around the clock to improve your business’ visibility and promote your unique image.

Improving Visibility of Illuminated Business Signs

A successful outdoor business sign is one that’s clearly visible. Because you rely on your storefront signs to draw business closer to your doors, there are a few simple rules you should follow to increase the visibility of any exterior illuminated signs.

    • Use bright, visible colors that will show up well during both daylight and nighttime hours. Even if your sign will be illuminated from the inside, a darker color won’t stand out well against a night background.
    • The color of any text should contrast clearly with the background, which will make your sign easier to read from a distance. If you want to use colors that are similar, use an outline or shadow effect around lettering to help it stand out when illuminated.
  • Keep your outdoor signs relatively simple, such as your business logo and name only. Avoid including too much print, which can be difficult to read from a distance and will only clutter the sign’s appearance.

Popular Illuminated Sign Options

There are several different signage options when developing your company’s outdoor neon signs. Choosing the right business signs for your needs will help your business stand out against the background and promote a clean, professional image.

    • If you are looking for a simple illuminated signage solution, an outdoor lightbox could be perfect for your needs. These systems can be updated and modified easily in case you’d like to change the appearance of your business logo or sign in the future.
    • Lighted dimensional lettering can be installed on a pre-existing signage structure, or attached to your building directly. This option is ideal for well-established businesses and franchise signs.
  • If you like the sleek, modern look of metal signs, this option can be installed with backlighting or spotlights to draw attention to your property at night.

At 1 Stop Signs, our goal is to provide custom sign design near Phoenix with excellent customer support and fast turnaround on all custom made signs. You can find out more about our products, LED signs and services or get started designing your outdoor signage today by calling (480) 961-7446.

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