Interior Business Signs in Phoenix

Enhancing the inside of businesses serving Phoenix and Chandler

While outdoor signs are meant to draw customers through your doors, interior business signs serve a different purpose. Indoor signage helps to reinforce your brand image and create a more professional atmosphere in your lobby, waiting room, or other commercial space. At 1 Stop Signs, our commercial sign company near Phoenix offers complete custom sign design to serve your business with a company sign for years to come.

Interior Signs as Part of Your Business Design

Indoor signage plays an important part in the overall design of your business. Whether you own an office building, medical facility, manufacturing plant, restaurant, or retail storefront, the right interior business signs will enhance the look and feel of any company space to create a customized and comfortable workplace.

  • Interior business signs work subtly to reinforce your company’s image by providing a physical representation of your brand and its ideals. Placing signage in your lobby, waiting area, meeting rooms, and other public spaces can create a feeling of unity and partnership among employees and clients.
  • Custom made signs and digital displays make your business spaces look professional and modern. Well-placed interior signage presents a unified outward image to your clients, while encouraging customers to trust and bond with your business to improve brand loyalty.

Three Tips for Designing Your Interior Business Signage

The look of your interior business signs should reflect both your business’ image and the overall style of your interior spaces. At 1 Stop Signs, our experienced team can help you develop exactly the right business signs for your needs, including indoor business signs, storefront signs, business displays, banners, and vehicle graphics.

  1. Consider the image you want your signage to present. Interior business signs should reflect the personality of your business, whether you want your business to appear modern and trendy, or well-established and trustworthy.
  2. Your sign design should meld well with your existing interior decor, while standing out enough against the background that it can be easily seen. Interior signage should be mounted in areas that are easily visible; consider placing business signs on walls with a contrasting color or using lighting to make sure your is visible and easily catches the eye.
  3. If you plan to incorporate multiple business signs in your building’s interior, be consistent in your design. Creating a different sign for each area can cause visual confusion and make your property appear less professional, rather than the opposite. Developing a single sign that will work well throughout your space will tie every part of your business together and promote greater design unity.

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