• What to Think about Before Opening Another Location

    If you’re running a successful business, opening a second location can be an exciting event. It isn’t always easy to tell, however, when you’re truly ready to make that momentous move. In this video from MSNBC’s Your Business, you’ll meet a dynamic entrepreneurial couple who own a juice bar and vegan bistro called Kale Café. After finding success with their first restaurant in Daytona Beach, FL, they decided to open a second location in nearby Ormond Beach. If you’re planning to expand your business in Phoenix, you can take heart from their example—and learn the same lessons they learned in this video. As you’re setting up shop in your new store, contact us to buy a first-rate custom-made sign , vehicle graphics, and other business signage so you can attract new customers.

  • 6 Ways Business Signs Help You Stand Out

    6 ways business signs can help your business stand outIf you’re looking for a new way to promote your business or get more bang for your marketing buck, you may be overlooking one simple strategy that never stops giving back to your company: a business sign. Business signs do everything from increasing the visibility of your brand to deepening the connection your existing customers have to your company, and unlike other marketing efforts, there is no campaign end date. Business signs market your business around the clock and boost the amount of pedestrian traffic you get through your door.

    Boost Your Visibility with Indoor and Outdoor Business Signs

    If you’ve been trying to boost your brand exposure, what better way to do so than investing in custom-made indoor and outdoor business signs. Signage is an efficient and cost-effective way to make potential customers familiar with your business. Seeing your business logo or name on signs will work to familiarize passersby on what your brand is all about. Statistically speaking, people are much more likely to buy from brands that are familiar to them. Having custom signs will not only familiarize people with what you can provide, but it will also make your company name a known entity. Due to this, when a person needs a product or service, the exposure they received to your custom signage will make your business’s name organically come to their mind.

    A 24-Hour Marketing Solution!

    One of the coolest aspects surrounding our custom signage solutions is that they offer your business 24-hour marketing. No other marketing effort has this type of unique and lasting impact, as our signs will effectively market your business even when you’re closed! Outdoor business signs can be custom made to enhance your companies’ brand and promote your commercial space. Additionally, LED and neon signs make your brand visible all day and night! Now that’s what we call a great marketing strategy. Whether you’re looking for LED, monument, attached, awning, or more customized sign solutions, we can help promote you’re your business 24/7, 365.

    It Helps Draw Traffic Right to Your Door

    A great outdoor business sign will draw attention to your space, peaking passing pedestrians’ interest in what you have to offer. It’s well-known in this industry that consumers will enter a store or business they have never visited before based simply on attractive signage. This can be explained by the simple fact that humans are visual creatures. Visualization works from a human perspective because we naturally respond to and process visual data better than any other type of information. Passersby who see your high-quality custom signage, whether it’s at your store-front, on the interstate, or side streets, will subconsciously store your signs image in their mind. More times than not, this marketing will spark them to make an impulse purchase based solely on your signs visual appeal.       

    Set Your Business Apart from The Competition

    A custom outdoor business sign helps to differentiate your business from all the competition. When you have a sign that stands out due to its visual appeal, it will help to further build your brand and make your business appear truly unique in the eyes of a potential customer. If we’ve learned anything in this industry, it’s that great aesthetics go far in the world of marketing. That’s why we offer so many unique design options, like neon signs or dimensional letting, that work to differentiate you from the plethora of other businesses competing for customer engagement in Chandler, AZ and beyond.

    Promote Your Events

    Whether your company is having an upcoming sale, convention, or expansion, you can promote this to customers through our custom outdoor or indoor business signs. Signage makes it easy to alert your customers about special events without having to exert energy towards sending mass emails or passing out fliers. Additionally, repeat customers are more likely to return to your business if you promote new stock or a new service through comprehensive signage.

    Bridge Your Online and Offline Presence with Custom Signage

    In this digital age, it has become more important than ever for businesses to incorporate both online and offline customer traffic. When you choose our services to create indoor or outdoor business signs for your company, we can include your business URL in the design to encourage customers to connect with you online. Our design professionals at 1 Stop Signs can coordinate your custom signs design, font, and colors to match your website or social media accounts to help create brand cohesiveness. A well-thought-out and cohesive sign will not only enhance the image of your brand, but it will also stand in contrast to a sea of unappealing and easily-overlooked business signs.

    Outdoor and Indoor Business Signs by 1 Stop Signs

    When you need outdoor and indoor business signs to promote your Chandler, AZ business, 1 Stop Sign has a variety of solutions. For over two decades, we have been providing state-of-the-art interior and exterior business signs to clients all around the world. Throughout the years, we have established a name for ourselves when it comes to superior customer service, manufacturing, quick turnarounds, and quality products. With our custom indoor and outdoor business signs, we can help you effortlessly market your business around the clock. Choosing to build your brand through our signage solutions is guaranteed to generate more customer traffic. Let us help you create a custom sign that effectively promotes your business, using illuminated lettering, brand-specific coloring, and other features you need to build your brand awareness. Contact us to help you with business signs in Phoenix and Chandler. Please help other business owners discover the power of a great sign by sharing this information.

  • Solving Wayfinding Challenges on Healthcare Campuses

    If you drive through Phoenix, you’ll notice numerous examples of signage wherever you look—neon signs, restaurant signs, and even vehicle graphics. Can you guess where you might find the most signs in a single building? A hospital is a plausible answer to that question since hospitals and other healthcare facilities need to put up numerous signs in order to direct their patients to the right destinations. These are some of the aspects of a successful hospital signage system:

    Emergency room sign in Phoenix & Chandler, AZ

    New and Well-Maintained Signage

    First and foremost, the signs in a healthcare facility need to be clean and well-maintained. If the signs are showing their age, they will reflect poorly on the hospital and may be harder to read. Smart and up-to-date signs, meanwhile, will project an image of competence and professionalism.

    Illuminated Outdoor Signs

    Hospitals and other healthcare centers have to be accessible to patients and visitors around the clock, which means that all outdoor signs need to be visible even in low-light conditions. Making these exterior illuminated signs is an effective way to ensure that they are always readable. The signs directing drivers to the hospital should be especially bright and noticeable.

    Easy-to-Remember Names

    When hospital corridors have numbers or generic names, it means that it’s going to be more difficult for patients, visitors, and even staff to remember them. Giving these corridors memorable titles—for example, naming them after local streets or well-known landmarks—is a good way to ensure that everybody will be able to keep them straight.

    Identifying Graphics

    Signs can include more than text, of course—in fact, it can make them much more useful. Adding photos, diagrams, maps, and other graphics to signs can help provide information to hospital visitors, making them less likely to get lost if they are unfamiliar with the building. Scrolling digital signs are even more helpful since they allow the hospital to provide visitors with continual updates throughout the day. Contact us to learn more about signs in Phoenix DMA.

  • Get Acquainted with Your Font Options

    A custom-made exterior sign can be the perfect addition to your Phoenix business’ storefront. When you’re having your outdoor sign designed, however, it’s easy to overlook one of the single most important factors: the font you use for the text. The font may seem like a minor issue, but it really isn’t—using the wrong font can confuse your customers or even make your sign difficult to read. Here are some of the main options that are available to you for your sign’s font:

    Vintage font in Phoenix, AZ

    Script and Cursive

    While cursive is no longer widely taught in schools, it still has its place in design. Rendering your business’ name and motto in the script can give your sign the touch of sophistication and class you’re looking for. It’s important to make sure, however, that the size of the text is large enough—and the letters bright enough—to be read easily.


    Serif fonts have distinctive lines jutting out of the ends of their letters. You’ve probably seen serif fonts used numerous times—Times New Roman is one of the most popular examples. Serif fonts have an elegant, traditional look that may be suited for your sign if you want to project a serious, professional image.

    Sans Serif

    As you might guess from the name, sans serif fonts do not have the tiny lines used in serif fonts. Because of their simplicity, sans serif fonts are extremely popular in today’s advertising graphics. If your sign’s text is short and straightforward, a sans serif font is likely the best choice for you.


    Decorative fonts, as the name suggests, have unusual, unpredictable letter designs that are meant to grab the viewer’s attention. While decorative fonts do run the risk of being difficult to read, a well-designed and imaginative decorative font can help to make your business stand out from the crowd.

  • Choosing Between Vehicle Graphics and Magnets

    Vehicle Graphic Wraps in Phoenix DMA If you want to get your business noticed, one of the best—and most easily overlooked—places to advertise it is on your car. Vehicle advertisements are a terrific way to boost your business’ visibility and reach a much wider audience. You have two basic options for advertising on your vehicle: vehicle graphics and magnetic signs. Each of these options has its own advantages. Magnetic signs are more cost-effective than full-fledged vehicle graphics, and you can easily remove them from your vehicle whenever you want to. They can also be custom-sized to fit your vehicle. Vehicle graphics, on the other hand, are more durable and long-lasting than magnetic signs, and it’s not possible to steal them. They’re more versatile than magnetic signs, as they can be placed anywhere on your vehicle. You also do not have to remove them when you want to wash your vehicle. Whatever option you decide on, both vehicle graphics and magnetic signs are sure to attract more attention to your Phoenix business.

  • Exterior Sign Mistakes You Should Avoid

    Online marketing reigns supreme these days. However, branded business signs will always be essential for all brick and mortar companies. From mom and pop corner shops to major franchise locations, every company near Phoenix needs high-quality business signs that bring customers to its doors. For the best results, work with a sign design expert, and he or she will stop you from making common mistakes.

    Exterior Sign in Phoenix DMA Poor Contrast

    One of the most common sign design mistakes is poor contrast between the lettering and background. There’s a reason why many successful businesses have signs that feature black letters on a white background—the contrast is excellent, and the lettering is easy to read. Some examples of color schemes you should avoid include black lettering on a brown background, red lettering on a pink background, and blue lettering on a black background. Make it as easy as possible for your customers to read your sign.

    Obscure Font

    Entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for unique characteristics that set their companies apart from the rest. This is a smart branding idea, but not if it affects the readability of your exterior signage. Avoid choosing a font style that is dramatically different from other signs, such as fancy calligraphy script or whimsical Comic Sans font.

    Imbalanced Size

    Your sign and its lettering need to be large enough to be easily read by passing motorists and pedestrians. However, they shouldn’t be so large that they take up the entire width and height of the sign itself. Design experts recommend leaving enough “white space” around the letters so that they look balanced.

    Intricate Logo

    Logo design isn’t easy. Some entrepreneurs spend months designing the perfect logo for their business. And in some cases, they have to go through the process all over again when it’s time to order their exterior signage. Before you settle on a logo design, envision how the logo will look on a sign. An ideal logo is one that is clear and makes sense regardless of whether it’s on a large billboard or a promotional pen. Contact us to learn more about signs in Phoenix DMA.

  • The Subtle Ways That Signage Enhances the Guest Experience

    On any given day, your hotel may host guests from the next town, a neighboring state, or the other side of the world. Every guest, no matter how far he or she has traveled, desires comfort and convenience. The little details can make all the difference—from complimentary newspapers to extended hours room service. And of course, signage that enhances the guest experience. Hotels in Phoenix that use custom-made signs can inform and entertain guests simultaneously to support a hassle-free stay.

    Branded Signs in Phoenix Providing Useful Information

    One of the ways you can improve the guest experience in your hotel is by reading negative online reviews of other hotels, and using them to bolster your hotel’s services. You’ll likely find that guests often complain about the long wait time at the desk, or about having difficulty finding someone to answer a question. Use signage to help guests help themselves. Use wayfinding signs to point guests in the right direction. Add more detailed signs inside the elevators with information such as the check-in/check-out times, available discounts and perks, and pool and fitness club hours.

    Offering Fun Facts About the Area

    There’s something special about every town. Do a little research to find some of the most intriguing facts about your area, and have them added to a building sign. For instance, your guests may be interested to know that your town was responsible for inventing the potato chip, or that it’s the hometown of a famous astronaut. If possible, identify a fun fact about your own hotel, such as the fact that a former President stayed there. These signs are intended to entertain your guests while they wait, so place them by the elevator banks and front desk.

    Highlighting Conference Events and Attractions

    Large conferences can push a hotel staff to its limits. Make wayfinding as easy as possible for the attendees with custom-printed signs that point people in the direction of major attractions, speakers, or booths. In smaller font beneath each main item, indicate the times at which that attraction is available.

    Introducing Dining Options

    Hotels are like miniature communities with everything a guest could need. But quite often, travelers prefer to leave the hotel in search of local dining options. You can use signage to attract more guests to the hotel’s restaurant or café. Use enticing names for the signature dishes, and emphasize any dishes that are closely associated with your particular town or region.

  • Could Your Office Building Benefit from Interior Signage?

    All companies run things a little differently, but most office managers would likely agree that first impressions matter for businesses . When your clients and prospective job candidates step into your building, they should see a well-organized office with custom-made signs that reflect the professionalism of the employees. Interior building signs near Chandler can help your clients easily figure out where they need to go or who can assist them. For instance, libraries should have easily understood signage that directs patrons to the circulation and reference desks, and to the various categories of books.

    Repairs Sign in Phoenix DMA If your office building has multiple stories, then one of the most important building signs it should have is a directory sign that indicates which departments are on each floor. Wayfinding signage should be posted in prominent locations near each elevator bank and stairwell. Your office can also benefit from interior signage that directs individuals to the women’s, men’s, and gender-neutral bathrooms.

  • Name & Brand Basics for Entrepreneurs

    Launching a new company is a lot of hard work. Even if you’re tempted to rush through the process, you should take the time to get your business started on the right foot. Your name, for example, will reflect your company’s brand for years to come. So before you start sending in orders for branded business signs near Phoenix, make sure you pick the right name.

    This video offers some helpful hints about the dos and don’ts of choosing a business name. Think about how the name would look on stationary, as part of a logo, or on your custom-made signs. Consider the type of customers you want to appeal to, and the message you want to convey about your business. Avoid choosing a name that’s too long, has strings of numbers or initials, or is based on an inside joke that your customers won’t understand.

  • Spotlight on Letter Heights and Viewing Distances

    It’s not uncommon for new business owners to underestimate how many factors can contribute to effective sign design, such as letter heights and viewing distances. If you’re planning to order custom signage near Phoenix or Chandler , then there are a few things that you should know about these 2 business sign characteristics.

    Spotlighting on Bank Sign in Phoenix DMA First, letter height should be proportional to the surrounding space. For example, if your signage will be installed in a space that is 24 inches in height, then ordering letters that are 23 inches tall is not a good idea, as this will leave too little negative space between the letters and the background. The same concept goes for choosing a text size for a sign design. After letter heights, you should also consider viewing distances. For instance, if you’re planning to order a storefront sign for a small patio area, then you should select a letter size that will be easy for your customers to read within the confined patio space. Conversely, if the sign is to be seen from the road or across a large parking lot, then be sure to choose letters and a sign of sufficient size for the viewing distance.