Tips for Creating a Memorable Logo

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You can capture the loyalty of customers by providing a superior product or service, but getting customers in the door is another story. To garner the attention of paying customers, you need to brand your business with an attractive logo, then spread that logo as far and wide as you can. With a memorable logo and a custom business sign made by a company near Phoenix and Chandler, your business can reach great heights. Logo Designs

Keep it Simple

First and foremost, your logo must be easy to understand. While it may be tempting to create a work of art as your logo, this will only serve to confuse and alienate consumers. Instead, consider presenting the name of your company in an easy-to-read font and, if appropriate, pairing it with a simple symbol that represents your business. Of course, your logo shouldn’t be too simple, either: you want to leave no doubt as to what your business does.

Consider Your Services

Your business’s products and services should be forefront in your mind as you work on designing your logo. Even the colors featured in your logo should relate to the type of business you run. For instance, if you run a funeral home or another serious business, you would do well to stick to darker, more subdued colors. If you run a toy store or other fun business, bright colors would be appropriate. You might also consider including a stylized symbol that represents your products or services—for example, a wrench silhouette would be a fine logo for a tool company.

Create a Tagline

A logo should serve as an aesthetically pleasing symbol that makes your business more approachable. If your logo and business name alone do not adequately convey what you want them to convey, consider adding an accompanying tagline. Think of a tagline as a text version of your logo—something that sticks in your customers’ minds and helps them better understand your business.