• Spotlight on Vehicle Graphics

    Are you considering using vehicle graphics in Chandler and Phoenix to promote your company on the road? Vehicles offer a great space for your advertising and signage needs. Plus, unlike normal outdoor signs, vehicle graphics are constantly on the move. That means you can be sure that your company’s message is viewed by the maximum number of people.

    One of the most important things to consider in your sign design is to be sure that you are using long-lasting materials. Remember that vehicles are subject to wind, rain, and sun; your advertisement will inevitably take a beating. Be sure to choose the highest quality materials to keep your advertisement looking great after it’s been in contact with the elements.

    Vehicle graphics can be applied to a variety of automobiles for maximum exposure. Trucks are a great option because they can accommodate a larger graphic. You may also want to consider taxis for your advertising campaign, as they typically run through city centers. Finally, graphics can be applied to any corporate vehicles you have in your fleet, including company cars and delivery and service vans.


  • The Making of Neon Signs

    Neon signs in Chandler and Phoenix are a great way to grab your customers’ attention at night. Neon signs are easy to install and act as excellent outdoor signs, especially if your business stays open well after dark.

    Watch this video to learn more about how neon light signs are made. Neon signs are created out of glass tubes that are bent into letters or other shapes. The glass tubes are filled with inert gas, such as neon or argon. The atoms in these gasses glow when an electric current makes contact with the electrodes in the tubes and sends electrons flowing through the gas. Neon signs come in different colors based on the type of gas and color of glass used in the sign.

  • How Are Neon Signs Made?

    If you’re considering purchasing neon signs in Chandler and Phoenix, you may be wondering how this type of sign works. Illuminated signs  are a great way to attract customers in the evening hours and provide your company with an eye-catching way to deliver its message. Keep reading to learn how neon signs are made.

    Illuminated Signs

    The Basics

    Neon light signs are constructed out of glass tubes that are shaped into words or graphics. These tubes are then filled with inert gases—in other words, non-reactive chemical gases. An electric current is then made to flow through the glass tubes. That’s when the magic happens. Once the electric current meets the electrodes held in the tubes, electrons flow through the glass. This process makes the atoms inside the tubes glow, giving off a bright colored light.

    Glowing Colors

    The color of the glowing light depends on the type of gas contained in the glass tubes. Argon gas, one of the noble gases, appears as a cold blue color when it is contained in clear glass tubes. In contrast, neon gas gives off a red color. For a wider range of colored lights, the glass tubes can be coated with fluorescent powders in different colors. For example, a yellow tube can be combined with argon gas to produce a green light, while the same tube used with neon gas would give off an orange light.

    Glass Tubes

    The glass tubes used in neon signs are shaped with a glass blowing technique. Rather than using straight tubes to form the letters, long tubes are bent into letter-like shapes or other images. Then, the tubes are attached to neon electrodes. This is done by fusing them together using a propane hand torch and blowing tube. Finally, the tube is attached to a pumping system that sucks the air out of the tube and fills it with the chosen inert gas. The gas is then sealed inside the tube by closing the electrode off.

  • The Benefits of Custom-Made Signs for Your Business

    Are you looking for a company that specializes in custom made signs serving Chandler and Phoenix ? Having signs custom made for your business offers several advantages. Not only will your business stand out with its unique signage, but you can also be specific about what message your signs send to your potential customers. Read on to learn more about the benefits of custom-made signs for your business.

    Tiki Bar Sign

    Build Your Brand

    Signs are a huge part of marketing. Not only do they alert potential customers to your existence, but they also help form an initial impression in viewers’ minds. Take this opportunity to use your company’s custom-made business signs to build your image and turn your company into a brand. Weave your company’s personality into the colors and graphics on your signage. This will help grab the attention of your target demographic. Finally, make sure you continue building your brand through the use of similar imagery on your business cards, brochures, and website. Customers will appreciate being able to identify your company’s brand through multiple marketing outlets.

    Create a Perfect Fit

    When you have signs custom made for your business, you probably have a good idea of where that sign will be located upon completion. Location is everything, and you’ll want to create a sign that fits in with its surroundings, whether you’re looking to create storefront signs, monument signs, or illuminated signs. Take advantage of a custom-made sign design by choosing a size and shape that is appropriate for its location and will be most likely to gain viewers’ attention in the right way.

    Make an Investment with High Returns

    Are you concerned that a custom-made sign will be more expensive than something in the one-size-fits-all category? Custom signs and banners tend to pay for themselves, as they increase traffic to your location and thus boost your sales rates. Remember, the first impression is the most important—let yours shine by investing in unique signage.