• Ways You Can Improve the Visibility of Your Business

    Is your establishment not getting the attention that it needs? If so, then you’re not alone. For many business owners, there is a lot that they can do to make their storefront more noticeable. Read on to learn how to improve your building’s visibility using curb appeal, window displays, and illuminated signage near Chandler and Phoenix. women - sign

    Add Some Curb Appeal

    How your storefront looks from the street can have a direct impact on the number of passersby who pay it a second glance, and several factors can affect your building’s curb appeal. First, keep it looking tidy by maintaining swept walkways, clean windows, and fresh-looking paint. To get an idea of where your storefront may need some work, step out front and give your building a visual evaluation while trying to see it from the customer’s viewpoint. Then, make a list of areas for improvement and take care of these tasks one by one.

    Create a Window Display

    If your store is in an area with a lot of foot traffic and has a large, front window, then you should make the most of these advantages! Window displays are an excellent way to advertise your merchandise or promotions, and they can help get your storefront noticed by passersby. When crafting your window display, keep in mind that it may have a more dramatic effect if it is attention-grabbing and encourages impulse buys.

    Install Illuminated Business Signs

    Having good signage is essential for helping new customers find your location. Also, an eye-catching and well-lit sign will help inform anyone passing by of what products or services your business offers. If you already have a business sign and it doesn’t seem to be doing the trick, then consider investing in an exterior illuminated sign. This type of sign can help your business stand out and get noticed. Lastly, an illuminated sign should be regarded as an essential if your business is open into the evening hours.

  • How to Avoid Common Signage Mistakes

    Every business can benefit from signage. If you’re getting ready to work with a sign company in Chandler, it’s important to know what to expect from the process. It’s also important to know what mistakes to avoid so you can design the best business signs possible.

    As you can see in this video, there are a few common signage mistakes that businesses should learn about so they can avoid them when creating their own advertisements. Common mistakes include trying to put too many elements on the signs, choosing a sign company solely because it is the least expensive, and forgetting to choose illuminated signs. Work with a professional sign company so you can avoid mistakes and promote your business.

  • Tips for Enhancing the Look of Your Brick and Mortar Business

    While digital sales make up a large part of today’s economy, having an attractive brick and mortar location is still essential for your business. With custom-made signs and other features, you can improve your foot traffic and get more customers in the door. A commercial sign company that offers illuminated signage near Chandler can help you improve the look of your storefront with an eye-catching visual display. Read on for three tips that will help you enhance the look of your brick and mortar business. brick - mortar

    Make Improvements to the Outside Area

    As a customer approaches your brick and mortar store, he or she will get an immediate impression about the overall appearance and quality of your business. To enhance the look of your physical space, consider making some simple improvements to the outside area. By cleaning up the sidewalk, putting out some potted plants, or creating an appealing storefront display, you can attract new clientele.

    Invest in Quality Display Cases

    If your business sells retail product, you can enhance the look of your space by investing in quality display cases and other items that will help you showcase your items. Clothing, for example, will look more attractive when it is hung on neatly organized racks. Other display items, such as new shelves, will help you present your items in the best way possible. Your displays should also be neatly organized and free of excess clutter. Overall, your displays should be a central focal point of your store’s interior design.

    Create an Illuminated Sign

    An illuminated sign will capture the attention of your customers when they first arrive at your building. Rather than putting up a traditional, painted sign over your storefront, you can add additional appeal with illuminated lettering and graphics. Even though new signage may seem like a very simple element, a properly designed and placed sign can dramatically boost the overall look and feel of your business.

  • Color Theory and Your Brand

    Color is an important factor to consider when you are creating new branding for your company. This video from Brand TV will provide you with an overview of the importance of color theory for your branding materials. As you are designing your new signage near Chandler, make sure that the colors that you use create a positive impression for your customers. Certain colors, such as bright reds and soothing blues, can be used to send subconscious cues to the viewer.

    To learn more about how color theory can be used to create attractive, custom-made signs, contact a sign company in your area . From illuminated signs to branded business signs, there are many different types of signs that you can use to promote your company and get more customers through the door.

  • Tips for Effectively Promoting Your Brand

    Promoting your brand involves planning and extensive designing with your sign company near Chandler and Phoenix . It is important that your signage, business cards, and company memorabilia look cohesive and properly represent your brand. This process is exciting, and it will heavily influence the promotion of your brand to your customers and the world. Continue reading for some tips to promote your brand. Business Card

    Tip #1: Make a Memorable Brand

    Before you can effectively promote your brand, it must be memorable and ready for promotion. Work with designers from your commercial sign company and marketing firms to design the best logo to represent your brand. Ensure that the brand is transferable across advertising mediums, and make it a memorable representation of your company and your brand. Your customers should see your logo or hear your company name and automatically know what you stand for. Having a memorable brand is one of the best steps to take to promote it.

    Tip #2: Create Intriguing Signage

    Your exterior and interior signage is vital to promoting your brand. These signs will feature your logo and slogan—in addition to sales and special deals—so they should be well-made and designed. Ensure that your logo is simple enough that it can be on an interior business sign or large storefront sign without any complications or major changes in color. Create the right logo that will translate across multiple mediums for effective promotion.

    Tip #3: Keep Your Brand with You

    A significant part of promoting your brand requires you to bring it with you everywhere you go. Design attractive business cards, t-shirts, and memorabilia that you and your employees can keep with you outside of the office or store. You never know when you may be in a networking situation, so it is crucial to carry business cards to pass out. If you are actively networking, then your branded t-shirts, coffee cups, and messenger bags may catch someone’s eye and gain you a future customer.

  • Use Color Psychology to Improve the Effectiveness of Your Business Signs

    Color psychology has been studied at length, and there are various colors linked to different business practices. For example, restaurant signs in Chandler and Phoenix often use red to engage diners. However, blue and green are productive colors for office signage. Let’s take a look at the psychology associated with various colors to see how your business signs can be most effective. business - sign

    Blue is Accepted

    Blue is one of the most accepted colors in personal and professional settings. It is a calming color without inducing tiredness. It is also most people’s favorite color. Include shades of blue in your office décor and interior business signs.

    Yellow is Unappealing

    Yellow is considered to be an unappealing color to most people. It is often unflattering in most décors and clothing, so people generally avoid it. It is best to stay away from overwhelming amounts of yellow in your custom-printed signs. If you do choose a yellow color, then a pastel shade may be better accepted.

    White is Boring

    White can be a good color if your business is based upon modern décor and focuses only on selling engaging products. However, white is often considered unstimulating and monochromatic. Your employees and customers may find their minds wandering while in your store. If you use white in your business signs, then place a stimulating color or design with it to capture attention.

    Red is Energetic

    Red is a widely-used color in marketing, because it generates energy and impulse. Many restaurants and fast food locations use red and orange in their franchise signs to attract customers to buy food whether they are hungry or not. However, red can be distracting for those trying to stay on task. Use red in your sign design to attract customers, but use it sparingly in your office décor to ensure that your employees stay focused.

    Green is Creative

    Green is a creative and natural color that often sparks productivity. If your office space is devoted to your employees, rather than customers shopping, then decorate with green décor and signage.

  • Learning the Basics About Illuminated Signs

    If you’re looking for a way to attract new customers to your business, you might want to look into illuminated signs in Chandler and Phoenix. Start by familiarizing yourself with the different LED signs that you have to choose from, and make sure that you choose a placement that makes sense based on the content of the sign. Remember that your custom-made sign can represent your brand, so do your best to keep the design cohesive. Read ahead and learn the basics of illuminated signs. neon - signs

    Learning About Your Options

    Not all illuminated signs are the same. If you are in the market for one for your business, think about your goals. A lightbox is simple and versatile, while lighted dimensional lettering can be a great choice for businesses that have already been established. Look at your options before choosing one for your business.

    Considering Your Placement

    Placement is everything when it comes to your illuminated business signs. The more people who can see your signage, the more potential the investment has for your business. Illuminated signs can be used in interior or exterior settings, and they may serve different purposes in these conditions. You can use illuminated signs inside your store to catch your customers’ attention, inform them about upcoming releases, and remind them to come back again soon. Exterior signs can be used to bring in new customers who might be passing by the property. Whether you’re looking for interior or exterior signage, you’ll want to place your signs somewhere visible.

    Nailing the Design

    There are plenty of factors to consider when it comes to sign design. Your sign should be straightforward and easy to understand, and it shouldn’t be difficult for viewers to make out. If you want to keep a cohesive and consistent design, you should also incorporate colors, logos, and images that people associate with your brand. The purpose of an illuminated sign is for people to see it, and it’s important that you can proudly show off your investment. You can always work with the sign design professionals to make sure yours comes out perfectly.

  • Tips for Launching a New Logo

    Designing a logo can be a long and daunting process, but your work is not over yet. You have to launch your new logo for the world to see. This will include signage— such as storefront signs and outdoor signs in Chandler and Phoenix—and employee participation. In addition to employee participation, your customers should be encouraged to participate as well. Continue reading for a few tips to help you have a successful logo launch. Launch New Logo in Phoenix DMA

    Tip #1: Be Consistent Across All Media

    The key to a successful logo launch is to coordinate all of your social media and other advertising outlets. Before your new logo is official, make sure that your business cards and stationary are up to date, along with any other professional correspondence. Ensure that your advertisements, such as signage is ready to go with the new logo. Once you are ready to launch your new logo, change everything over at the same time to remain consistent.

    Tip #2: Encourage Employee Participation

    Part of launching a successful new logo is generating word-of-mouth. Include your employees and vendors to talk about the new logo to get the word out. Your employees can post about the logo change on their own social media accounts and generate interest by mentioning their favorite changes. By including your vendors and other business partners in the campaign, you can reach even more customers and partners about the logo change.

    Tip #3: Maintain Customer Contact

    Your customers should be kept informed about any changes occurring within the company. By staying informed, your customers will stay loyal to you. Make them feel like part of the company by receiving feedback as well. Conduct polls on potential color changes or favorite elements of potential logos. If you have a party or event celebrating the logo launch, open up free invitations for certain customers. By including your customers in the logo design and launch, they will be more excited to stay with your company and see the future changes in store.

  • The Essential Elements of an Eye-Catching Sign

    A quality sign should capture the attention of its intended audience and send a clear message. When you are creating a sign design for your business, you will achieve the best results when you work with a sign company that specializes in custom made signs serving Chandler and Phoenix . Professionally designed outdoor signs and building signs will contain key design elements that make them easy to see and understand. To help you get started on your sign project, let’s take a look at some of the most important elements of sign design. store - sign

    Bold Colors

    When you are designing a new sign for your business or retail space, you may want to start by thinking of a color scheme. The colors on your sign should be bold and clearly visible from a distance. Pairing light colors, such as yellow and white, may cause your sign’s text or logo to fade into the background. Strong colors, such as black, blue, and red, are all perfectly suited for a sign design.

    Easy to Read Text

    An eye-catching sign will also include text that is easy to read. As you are creating your sign, you may want to ask about the ideal size for your lettering. To advertise your business, it is important to make sure that your potential customers can read your sign from far away. Any text that is chosen for your sign should be printed in a typeface that is clearly legible and suited for use on signage.

    Brand Identity

    Commercial or retail signs can also be used to send powerful message. You will want to make sure that your sign matches with the identity of your brand. By including your business logo or other unique features, you will be able to create a sign that is visually striking. A sign design company that serves your local area will help you create new signage that is clear, beautiful, and in sync with the personality of your company.

  • Your Guide to Choosing the Best Colors for Your Exterior Business Sign

    Choosing colors for your outdoor sign in Chandler and Phoenix can seem daunting, especially considering how important colors can be for drawing in customers. Your signage should feature the colors of your business’ industry while also representing your individual business. Your business’ sign design and colors need to attract and showcase your business to entice customers to enter your store. Continue reading for a brief guide on how to choose colors for your outdoor signs. Colorful - Sign

    Think about your entire sign.

    Though your colors are extremely important to subconsciously affecting your clientele, you must consider how those colors will interact with your entire sign design. If you have a specific mascot that features on your exterior signs, then the colors must complement or interact with this feature in a positive and understandable way. It is also necessary to ensure the colors are legible through the font that you have chosen, or that the predetermined colored writing will stand out nicely over your background color.

    Choose colors for your business.

    Colors have been proven to affect the way customers react to various types of business. For example, red and orange can stimulate appetite, making these ideal colors for restaurants. Greens and browns are seen as natural, healthy colors, so they are often associated with grocery stores and whole foods stores. Choose your exterior sign’s colors based on the colors commonly associated with your business’ industry. These colors will draw in more customers to your store and encourage them to purchase from you.

    Consider contrasting colors for impact.

    Contrasting colors, such as blue and orange or green and purple, can have a significant impact on your exterior signage. These types of colors create a dynamic and interesting looking sign that will invoke customers’ curiosity. Refrain from using overpowering colors or a vastly uneven use of colors on your storefront signs. By using overpowering or intense colors, you risk customers misunderstanding or disliking your sign’s message. Look for a healthy mixture of all the colors you choose.