• Spotlight on Sandblasted Signs

    Custom-made signs are popular additions to any business because they offer customers a look at an original piece of artwork that the company chooses to show off. Sandblasted signs are a beautiful and timeless type of signage that works well with custom-made signs in Chandler and Phoenix. Here is a brief look at what sandblasted signs are and how they are made:

    A business will work with a qualified sign company on the right design for a sandblasted sign. Once the sign design has been approved, a machine will plot out the design on special material that will stick to a piece of wood or High Density Urethane, also known as H.D.U. Over the course of this process, the piece will undergo regular sanding and cutting to perfect the desired shape of the sign. The shaped sign will then be placed in a contained area where it will undergo high-powered blasting of fine, sand particles. These particles will depress the surface around the sign design until the design appears raised. The sign will then be primed, painted, and finished according to the business’ sign specifications.

    Wood Business Sign

  • Areas of Your Business Interior That Can Benefit from Signs

    Your business’ interior signage is just as important as your outdoor signage. Once customers have come into your business, they must be able to find the department they wish to visit or be drawn to a clearance section. These are just a few areas that can benefit from the right sign design near Chandler and Phoenix. Let’s take a better look at certain areas around your business interior that should have signs. Interior Business Sign


    Informational signs, for specific departments or areas of your store, are going to be some of the most important types of signage your store will use. Bookstores and video stores will use genres on their signage; clothing stores will feature styles, ages, and genders on their signage; and grocery stores will show different foods and ingredients on their signs. These interior signs may seem mundane, but they showcase the reason your customers come into your store. These types of signs are necessary to inform your customers where to look for the items they need.


    Your business’ clearance signs will be slightly different from the rest of your department or informational signs. Though your clearance or sale areas are possibly contained in their own department, the signs must be attention-grabbing and eye-catching to your customers. These persuasive signs are typically made in red, orange, or yellow because these are stimulating colors that can cause a sense of urgency in your customers. Your customers may need your store’s specific department signs, but they want to see your clearance signs.


    Bathrooms, exits, and other areas in your store need to feature certain signs for government-compliance reasons. These types of signage should be clear, concise, and follow the required rules. Many of these sign designs are universal in the United States, such as neon signs for exits or entrances. Bathroom signage must have Braille for the seeing-impaired, as well as clear signage for other handicap features in your store. Speak with your sign company about many of these required signs for your business.

  • How the Circus Can Teach a Lesson About Signage

    As seen in the video, too many businesses do not put enough effort into their exterior or interior signage. These businesses may have boring or understated signage, and their profits and customer population may soon suffer. However, certain industries, such as a bright and engaging circus, can influence these boring sign designs near Chandler and Phoenix .

    The circus industry, and other types of entertainment, need to attract customers however they can, and that includes using bright, custom-printed signs. Like those in the video, circus signs grab people’s attentions with loud colors and engaging designs. These signs are strategically placed near roads, and they remain in drivers’ minds long after they have gone home. By taking a cue from circus sign designs, many businesses will stick in their customers’ minds and draw in more business.

  • Deciding What Information Should Go on Your Event Banner

    When you hold a special event, it’s vital to design and display signage that addresses the unique goals and benefits of the event you’re hosting. Event banners differ from other types of business signage in several ways, including the type of information displayed on the sign. When designing a business banner in Chandler or Phoenix, the most important detail to include is your business name or logo. This will help to associate your brand with the event. You should also ensure the banner clearly displays information about the date and time of the event, as well as contact information for tickets and other questions regarding attendance. In many cases, this is accomplished by including a phone number or website that directs individuals to further event details and information.

    Event banners may be one-use or multipurpose signage that allows you to explore the more creative and even fun side of sign design. Working with an experienced building sign and banner service will ensure your banner not only includes the information it needs for success, but also appeals to a broad audience to achieve your event advertising goals.

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