• Consistency is Key in Promoting Brand Awareness

    When you are spreading the word about your company and its services, it is important to make sure that your remain consistent with your branding. Your business signs, business banners, and other promotional materials should contain the same fonts, colors, and other graphic elements. With assistance from a company that offers custom made signs serving Chandler and Phoenix, you can create a terrific business campaign for use on all of your custom printed signs. Read on for an overview of why consistency is key in promoting brand awareness. brand - business

    Create Your Visual Identity

    With consistent branding and graphic design elements, you will be able to create a visual identity for your brand. Ideally, you will want your customers to immediately recognize your brand through your use of logo, color combinations, and other distinctive elements. By keeping your branding elements the same across both printed and digital platforms, you will help to cement the visual identity of your business.

    Send a Similar Branding Message

    The elements that you use to promote your brand, such as your font, color choices, and other design features, will send subtle messages to your customers. If you choose to switch up your branding when you create a printed or digital marketing campaign, your customers may get mixed signals. By staying focus on similar design and branding tools, you will be able to ensure that your message remains clear and recognizable, no matter where your customer is encountering your marketing materials.

    Ensure a Professional Image

    Consistency will also help you ensure that your company looks professional to your customers and your fellow business owners. When you work with a custom sign company to print signs and banners that contain your logo and other brand design elements, you will clearly convey that you are willing to invest in your brand’s identity. Once you have created a brand identity with the help of your graphic designers and sign printing company, you will be ready to share this clear and consistent identity with the world.

  • A Look at the Use of Color in Art

    When you are creating signage near Chandler and Phoenix , it is important to carefully consider the role that color will play in your design. This video provides an overview of the use of color in art. During the 20 th century, the color field painters played around with bright, vibrant colors in their artwork. Throughout every era of art, color has played an important role in visual representation.

    If you are not sure about which colors will look the best on the outdoor signs that you are creating for your company, be sure to work with a company that specializes in signs for businesses. A team of sign design professionals will help you choose bold colors that will capture the attention of your intended audience.

  • Tips for Effectively Promoting Your Brand

    Promoting your brand involves planning and extensive designing with your sign company near Chandler and Phoenix . It is important that your signage, business cards, and company memorabilia look cohesive and properly represent your brand. This process is exciting, and it will heavily influence the promotion of your brand to your customers and the world. Continue reading for some tips to promote your brand. Business Card

    Tip #1: Make a Memorable Brand

    Before you can effectively promote your brand, it must be memorable and ready for promotion. Work with designers from your commercial sign company and marketing firms to design the best logo to represent your brand. Ensure that the brand is transferable across advertising mediums, and make it a memorable representation of your company and your brand. Your customers should see your logo or hear your company name and automatically know what you stand for. Having a memorable brand is one of the best steps to take to promote it.

    Tip #2: Create Intriguing Signage

    Your exterior and interior signage is vital to promoting your brand. These signs will feature your logo and slogan—in addition to sales and special deals—so they should be well-made and designed. Ensure that your logo is simple enough that it can be on an interior business sign or large storefront sign without any complications or major changes in color. Create the right logo that will translate across multiple mediums for effective promotion.

    Tip #3: Keep Your Brand with You

    A significant part of promoting your brand requires you to bring it with you everywhere you go. Design attractive business cards, t-shirts, and memorabilia that you and your employees can keep with you outside of the office or store. You never know when you may be in a networking situation, so it is crucial to carry business cards to pass out. If you are actively networking, then your branded t-shirts, coffee cups, and messenger bags may catch someone’s eye and gain you a future customer.

  • Adding Contrast to Create Dynamic Compositions

    Contrast in artistic design refers to opposite colors, textures, and sizes to create a visually interesting image. This same principle can be applied to professional sign design. If you are developing your company’s signage near Chandler and Phoenix, then consider the different examples of contrast found in the video. Read below for more information about adding contrast to your sign design.

    Artistic contrast can apply to your franchise signs and informational, interior signs. For example, a sales sign can feature the discount price or percentage in a larger and darker color, and the rest of the words can be smaller and lighter. This contrast in size and color will draw customers’ eyes to the percentage they can save on their purchase. This will encourage them to buy more. Speak with your sign designers at your sign company about adding contrast to create interesting and engaging signs.