• Basic Branding Advice

    Standing apart from the competition is one of the greatest challenges that any business must face. Even if you provide a service or product that is far and away better than your competitors, you must still pay attention to branding and marketing. You’ll find that custom made signage company serving Chandler and Phoenix can be a tremendous help in this regard.

    This video features excellent suggestions on how to design an effective logo. The main job of a logo should be to convey what your business does in a concise manner. For example, a consultancy firm might express professionalism in their logo with a suit and tie. Generally speaking, serious companies choose more subdued colors for their logos, while companies that provide fun products or services often opt for brighter colors.

  • How Do LEDs Work?

    Artificial lighting is one of humankind’s greatest achievements. Electric lighting was an especially important invention, as it provided considerably more illumination than the coal and gas counterparts that preceded it, and at a lower price. Of course, the wheels of progress never stop turning, and there are always improvements to be made. LED (light-emitting diode) lighting is a revolutionary method of illumination that is used for everything from digital clocks to custom signs on businesses. But how do LEDs work?

    An LED light is essentially a small bulb that fits into an electrical circuit. LED lights are unique in that they don’t have a tungsten filament, unlike traditional light bulbs, and they don’t get anywhere near as hot. The LED light comes from the movement of electrons within the semiconductor material. The electrons behave in such a way that allows for the release of energy in the form of photons, or light. LEDs have become very popular in recent years thanks to their extraordinarily long lifespan: they’ve been known to last thousands of hours longer than traditional incandescent bulbs.

    Light Bulb

  • Wall Signs for Businesses

    As the owner of a business, it is essential to use signage to direct your customers and attract new clientele. By choosing custom made signs for your business space, you can rest assured that your signs communicate your message effectively. To start creating indoor or outdoor signs for your business, you may want to consider working with a sign company near Chandler and Phoenix . The designers at your sign company will be able to help you create a variety of signs that can be used throughout the inside and outside of your business. To get you started on your sign design project, here is a look at some different types of wall signs for businesses.

    Business Sign Solutions

    Exterior Signs

    Exterior signs are arguably among the most important signs that can be put up by a business. With a carefully crafted and well-placed business sign, you can make sure that your business is easy to find from the street. In addition, your exterior signs can also provide essential information about your business, such as your hours and your key services.

    Directional Signs

    Directional signs can be placed on either the interior or the exterior of a business. Unlike conventional exterior signs, which are meant to convey basic information about your business, directional signs are used to offer your customers specific directions. For example, some restaurants choose to include directional signs that show customers where to form a line or pay their tabs. Directional signs can also offer instructions to find a bathroom or dressing room.

    Regulatory Sign

    Finally, all businesses must include certain regulatory signs on their walls. The types of regulatory signs that are required for businesses varies from state to state. Typically, you will need to have exit signs, stairwell signs, and accessibility signs. If you are wondering about the different types of regulatory signs that are needed for your business, you should be sure to get ahold of a sign company that serves your local area.

  • Free Financing on a New Business Sign

    At 1 Stop Signs , we are committed to providing our customers with top quality sign design services. When you are in need of signage near Chandler and Phoenix, the sign design experts at our sign company will be there to help you create the sign of your dreams. From restaurant signs to vehicle magnets and more, we are able to create a versatile range of signs for our business clients. One of the top reasons to work with our sign company is our great financing options. Let’s take a look at the steps of getting free financing on your new business sign.

    Yes, We Are Open

    Choosing a Sign Style

    When you work with 1 Stop Signs, you will have dozens of different sign styles to choose from. Our team of designers can help you choose the right type of sign for your particular business. For example, if you are seeking a sign that can be easily seen at night, you may want to consider an LED sign. Other flashy sign options include illuminated sign cabinets or digital print wall murals.

    Creating Sign Content

    After you have determined what type of signage will be the best fit for your company, it will be time for you to create your sign content. The content of your sign will be dependent on its placement, as well as its function for your business. An exterior sign, for example, should almost always display the name of your company. Interior or directional signs may need more detailed information.

    Applying for Sign Financing

    The final step of getting free financing on a new business sign is to apply for financing services from 1 Stop Signs. As you are working with a team of sign designers at our company, we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have about the financing process. With free financing, you can receive valuable financial assistance towards the initial costs of creating a brand new business sign. Though a sign is a valuable investment for your business, you should not have to pay excessive interest or an unreasonable down payment to find quality work for your custom sign.