• Ways You Can Improve the Visibility of Your Business

    Is your establishment not getting the attention that it needs? If so, then you’re not alone. For many business owners, there is a lot that they can do to make their storefront more noticeable. Read on to learn how to improve your building’s visibility using curb appeal, window displays, and illuminated signage near Chandler and Phoenix. women - sign

    Add Some Curb Appeal

    How your storefront looks from the street can have a direct impact on the number of passersby who pay it a second glance, and several factors can affect your building’s curb appeal. First, keep it looking tidy by maintaining swept walkways, clean windows, and fresh-looking paint. To get an idea of where your storefront may need some work, step out front and give your building a visual evaluation while trying to see it from the customer’s viewpoint. Then, make a list of areas for improvement and take care of these tasks one by one.

    Create a Window Display

    If your store is in an area with a lot of foot traffic and has a large, front window, then you should make the most of these advantages! Window displays are an excellent way to advertise your merchandise or promotions, and they can help get your storefront noticed by passersby. When crafting your window display, keep in mind that it may have a more dramatic effect if it is attention-grabbing and encourages impulse buys.

    Install Illuminated Business Signs

    Having good signage is essential for helping new customers find your location. Also, an eye-catching and well-lit sign will help inform anyone passing by of what products or services your business offers. If you already have a business sign and it doesn’t seem to be doing the trick, then consider investing in an exterior illuminated sign. This type of sign can help your business stand out and get noticed. Lastly, an illuminated sign should be regarded as an essential if your business is open into the evening hours.

  • Color Theory and Your Brand

    Color is an important factor to consider when you are creating new branding for your company. This video from Brand TV will provide you with an overview of the importance of color theory for your branding materials. As you are designing your new signage near Chandler, make sure that the colors that you use create a positive impression for your customers. Certain colors, such as bright reds and soothing blues, can be used to send subconscious cues to the viewer.

    To learn more about how color theory can be used to create attractive, custom-made signs, contact a sign company in your area . From illuminated signs to branded business signs, there are many different types of signs that you can use to promote your company and get more customers through the door.

  • The Benefits of Using Lighted Dimensional Lettering for Your Exterior Signage

    Your business signs should advertise your company and its services throughout the daytime and nighttime hours. In order to make sure that your storefront signs are easily visible, even at night, you may want to consider using lighted dimensional lettering for your exterior signage. A company that offers illuminated signs in Chandler and Phoenix will be able to help you create the perfect sign for the front of your business headquarters.

    There are a few benefits to using lighted dimensional lettering materials on your exterior storefront signs. Lighted dimensional lettering is three dimensional, so it will physically stick out from the walls of your building. This type of signage is clearly visible, and will make a dramatic statement for your company. Many of your lighted dimensional lettering options will come in fun fonts that will add style and appeal to your business. Whether the sun is up or the moon is out, your lighted dimensional letters will be clearly visible from the street.

    exterior - sign

  • Consistency is Key in Promoting Brand Awareness

    When you are spreading the word about your company and its services, it is important to make sure that your remain consistent with your branding. Your business signs, business banners, and other promotional materials should contain the same fonts, colors, and other graphic elements. With assistance from a company that offers custom made signs serving Chandler and Phoenix, you can create a terrific business campaign for use on all of your custom printed signs. Read on for an overview of why consistency is key in promoting brand awareness. brand - business

    Create Your Visual Identity

    With consistent branding and graphic design elements, you will be able to create a visual identity for your brand. Ideally, you will want your customers to immediately recognize your brand through your use of logo, color combinations, and other distinctive elements. By keeping your branding elements the same across both printed and digital platforms, you will help to cement the visual identity of your business.

    Send a Similar Branding Message

    The elements that you use to promote your brand, such as your font, color choices, and other design features, will send subtle messages to your customers. If you choose to switch up your branding when you create a printed or digital marketing campaign, your customers may get mixed signals. By staying focus on similar design and branding tools, you will be able to ensure that your message remains clear and recognizable, no matter where your customer is encountering your marketing materials.

    Ensure a Professional Image

    Consistency will also help you ensure that your company looks professional to your customers and your fellow business owners. When you work with a custom sign company to print signs and banners that contain your logo and other brand design elements, you will clearly convey that you are willing to invest in your brand’s identity. Once you have created a brand identity with the help of your graphic designers and sign printing company, you will be ready to share this clear and consistent identity with the world.

  • Understanding the Roles of Positive and Negative Space in Design

    It is important to understand different artistic terms when choosing a sign design . Positive space typically refers to the colored or bright space of a design. Negative space refers to the uncolored or empty area. The roles of positive and negative space can contribute greatly to custom-made signs in Chandler and Phoenix. Read on to learn more about these roles.

    As seen in the video, the balance between negative and positive spaces can help generate interest in different designs. For example, the more negative space in a sign for a business can lend more importance to the object in positive space. Companies wishing to feature a specific product or emotion during a marketing campaign will likely create more interest by featuring the item in a smaller format with a larger amount of negative space around it. Consult with a sign designer to choose the best format.

  • Designing an Interior Business Sign That Blends Well with Your Office Décor

    It is important that your business represent a cohesive and attractive interior design. Your sign design should complement and blend with your office décor to ensure that your employees and customers find the space attractive and engaging. Designing your business’ interior signage near Chandler and Phoenix is simple enough once you recognize your office’s color scheme and décor theme. Read on to see how to create a well-blended office décor with your interior signage. Interior Sign

    Complement the Color Scheme

    Your office décor should have a certain color scheme made up of two or three colors. This is a common decorating feature, and it helps to create a cohesive and attractive décor. Your signage should match or complement the color scheme of your office. Determine the main colors on your walls and fixtures. Choose a different color or shade from the office color scheme. For example, yellow signage will stand out among a green, red, and beige color scheme.

    Match the Décor Theme

    The décor theme will likely concern your company’s personality, mascot, and product. You can order custom-printed signs to match this theme. Matching your signage with the interior décor can create a cohesive look and feel for your employees and customers. The different colors will help the signs to stand out, but a matching design will still keep the look connected. If you wish for a different sign design, then choose a neutral design that will not interfere with your office’s décor theme.

    Choose a Dominating Feature

    You can ensure your interior signs blend with your office décor by choosing a dominating feature between the signs and décor. If your décor and sign design are both loud and bright, then they will create an unattractive and distracting area of colors, logos, and designs. Consider what will be the most important feature in your office: The signs or the décor. For example, if signs will feature different sales and important information, then consider making the signs brighter than the rest of your color scheme.

  • Does Color Influence Purchasing Decisions?

    Color is a crucial element of branding and imaging, so it makes sense that it’s so important when it comes to sign design near Chandler and Phoenix . Color even has an effect on the way we live our lives, and it influences us in ways that many of us are unaware of. Check out this video clip to see if color influences purchasing options.

    If color can have an effect on your mood, chances are it can influence your purchasing habits. Consumers don’t take long to decide whether they do or don’t like a product just by looking at it for the first time. Women and men also tend to have different tastes in color, which is a key element in terms of marketing. People tend to see blue as a trustworthy color, while green is associated with nature and sustainability. Think about your color choices when working out your sign designsContact us to learn more about signs in Phoenix DMA.

  • Is an Outdoor Lightbox the Right Sign for Your Business?

    An outdoor lightbox is the right sign for almost every business. With an outdoor, illuminated sign in Chandler and Phoenix, your business will gain much more visibility to current and future customers. With an outdoor lightbox, you can feature different sign designs as your product marketing campaigns change or you update information about your business. Read on to learn how an outdoor lightbox could be the right sign choice for your business.

    Outdoor lightboxes are illuminated to show off any business sign you may have. You may choose an illuminated storefront sign that simply features your business name, logo, and slogan. However, you can also use outdoor lightboxes for advertisements in malls or other gathering locations. With outdoor lightboxes outside of your retail location, you can generate more interest in your company’s products, and you will drive more customers to your location. As stated above, most businesses can benefit with an outdoor lightbox, so call your sign company soon to design yours.

    Outdoor Lightbox in Phoenix DMA

  • Tips for Launching a New Logo

    Designing a logo can be a long and daunting process, but your work is not over yet. You have to launch your new logo for the world to see. This will include signage— such as storefront signs and outdoor signs in Chandler and Phoenix—and employee participation. In addition to employee participation, your customers should be encouraged to participate as well. Continue reading for a few tips to help you have a successful logo launch. Launch New Logo in Phoenix DMA

    Tip #1: Be Consistent Across All Media

    The key to a successful logo launch is to coordinate all of your social media and other advertising outlets. Before your new logo is official, make sure that your business cards and stationary are up to date, along with any other professional correspondence. Ensure that your advertisements, such as signage is ready to go with the new logo. Once you are ready to launch your new logo, change everything over at the same time to remain consistent.

    Tip #2: Encourage Employee Participation

    Part of launching a successful new logo is generating word-of-mouth. Include your employees and vendors to talk about the new logo to get the word out. Your employees can post about the logo change on their own social media accounts and generate interest by mentioning their favorite changes. By including your vendors and other business partners in the campaign, you can reach even more customers and partners about the logo change.

    Tip #3: Maintain Customer Contact

    Your customers should be kept informed about any changes occurring within the company. By staying informed, your customers will stay loyal to you. Make them feel like part of the company by receiving feedback as well. Conduct polls on potential color changes or favorite elements of potential logos. If you have a party or event celebrating the logo launch, open up free invitations for certain customers. By including your customers in the logo design and launch, they will be more excited to stay with your company and see the future changes in store.

  • Creating Cohesive Design with Your Interior Signs

    Creating any sort of sign design is an exciting endeavor, but you must ensure that all of your interior business signs near Chandler and Phoenix match your company personality and complement your building’s décor. By using these elements, you can create a beautiful and cohesive sign design that will attract your customers to various areas of your store. Let’s take a closer look at how to create a cohesive design with your interior signs. office - signage

    Identify Company Personality

    When designing signs for your business, use the personality, mission statement, and ideals of your company. By identifying these key elements, you will ensure that all of your business signs communicate effectively. Examine the type of atmosphere in your store or office. If it feels laidback and calm, then you may wish to design signage made in blues, purples, and greens. These tend to be calming colors. If you have an energetic company that strives on impulse buys, then use reds and oranges. These colors have been linked to high energy, passion, and impulse.

    Complement Surrounding Décor

    Do not forget to match your interior signage to your décor. Whether you are designing a store and business sign from scratch or designing new signs to a current décor, everything must match. Strive for neutral tones in your décor so that your business signs can incorporate more colors and designs, which will make your business stand out. If you cannot change your interior décor, then find a sign design that will stand out, yet will not clash with the surrounding décor.

    Utilize the Right Sign Company

    One crucial element to creating a cohesive sign design is to utilize the help of others. Your local sign company employs professional graphic designers and advertisers who can help you settle on the perfect design. If you have an idea or colors you wish to use, then bring these up to your sign company’s design team. They can work with you to find a happy balance between an effective sign design and your vision. They can also help you complement the design and colors to your store’s interior décor.