• Are Illuminated Channel Letters a Good Fit for Your Storefront?

    Signage is important to the success of your store, but there are several types of sign designs available. Storefront signs near Chandler and Phoenix often include illuminated blade signs, non-illuminated letters, and illuminated channel letters. Choosing the best sign design for your storefront will depend on different factors, such as your future business plan and marketing plan. Continue reading to learn more about illuminated channel letters and if they would be a good fit for your storefront.

    Your storefront sign should be noticeable to customers walking and driving by. You will want a large, bright sign design that can attract people throughout the day. However, consider an illuminated sign if your business has extended hours into the early morning or late evening. Illuminated channel letters will keep your storefront sign better illuminated and more attractive into the darker hours. This is important so that your customers can always find your store and shop whenever they please. Speak with your Phoenix sign company to choose the best illuminated storefront sign for your store.

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  • Use Color Psychology to Improve the Effectiveness of Your Business Signs

    Color psychology has been studied at length, and there are various colors linked to different business practices. For example, restaurant signs in Chandler and Phoenix often use red to engage diners. However, blue and green are productive colors for office signage. Let’s take a look at the psychology associated with various colors to see how your business signs can be most effective. business - sign

    Blue is Accepted

    Blue is one of the most accepted colors in personal and professional settings. It is a calming color without inducing tiredness. It is also most people’s favorite color. Include shades of blue in your office décor and interior business signs.

    Yellow is Unappealing

    Yellow is considered to be an unappealing color to most people. It is often unflattering in most décors and clothing, so people generally avoid it. It is best to stay away from overwhelming amounts of yellow in your custom-printed signs. If you do choose a yellow color, then a pastel shade may be better accepted.

    White is Boring

    White can be a good color if your business is based upon modern décor and focuses only on selling engaging products. However, white is often considered unstimulating and monochromatic. Your employees and customers may find their minds wandering while in your store. If you use white in your business signs, then place a stimulating color or design with it to capture attention.

    Red is Energetic

    Red is a widely-used color in marketing, because it generates energy and impulse. Many restaurants and fast food locations use red and orange in their franchise signs to attract customers to buy food whether they are hungry or not. However, red can be distracting for those trying to stay on task. Use red in your sign design to attract customers, but use it sparingly in your office décor to ensure that your employees stay focused.

    Green is Creative

    Green is a creative and natural color that often sparks productivity. If your office space is devoted to your employees, rather than customers shopping, then decorate with green décor and signage.

  • Making the Most of Your Interior Space with Signage

    Custom-made signs serving Chandler and Phoenix can add a great deal to your interior space, as long as you know how to use them . You should be sure to use your LED signs in a way that properly represents your brand. Make sure that people can easily see your signage from different locations within your store or commercial property, and choose colors and fonts that are easy to read. Continue reading and make the most of your interior space with signage. interior - signs

    Portray Yourself Properly

    Interior business signs make for a great way to promote certain products and alert customers to current sales, but they are also a representation of your brand’s image. When you order custom-made signs, consider the visual aspect of your business. What themes are present in your logo? What color scheme is associated with your brand? Think about these elements when working on your sign design to end up with the best product for your needs. Even if you’re using LED signs with scrolling text, make sure the text matches your brand’s voice.

    Make Your Signs Visible

    Your interior signage won’t benefit your business if none of your customers can see it. If you want to make the most of your interior space, take a moment to carefully plan out where you’ll hang your signs. This will ensure that you don’t waste your signage, which is especially important if your signs refer to time sensitive promotions. Take a walk around your commercial property and think about where you intend to put up your business signs, and consider the possible obstructions and obstacles.

    Keep It Legible

    If you have a particularly spacious property, it’s a good idea to focus on your sign design so your customers can make out the message from a distance. In this case, you should avoid scripts and other fonts that can be difficult to read when you’re not up close. You should also use contrasting colors that pop off of each other rather than blend into each other for easy reading. This helps your interior signs reach a wider audience, even on the premises.

    yours comes out perfectly.

  • How to Create a Business Sign That Stands Out at Night

    There’s never a bad time to advertise for your business, which is why it helps to use signage near Chandler and Phoenix that you can see at night. Many businesses turn to LED signs to stand out from the night sky, but there are a few tricks that you can use to make your business sign as noticeable as possible. If you are looking to use signage to raise awareness of your business, feel free to keep reading and learn how to create a business sign that stands out at night.

    It can be tricky to see billboards and other signage during the dead of night, but with a little foresight, you can make sure your business sign is seen. Firstly, it’s a good idea to invest in an illuminated sign. LED signs will provide a great contrast against the darkness, making it easy for passersby to notice your business. If you’re not looking for an LED sign, you can always use a different type of illumination to make your business sign stand out. Be sure to choose fonts that can be read from a distance, and pick out colors that contrast with each other for better legibility.

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