Designing an Interior Business Sign That Blends Well with Your Office Décor

Sign Outside Glass Doors

It is important that your business represent a cohesive and attractive interior design. Your sign design should complement and blend with your office décor to ensure that your employees and customers find the space attractive and engaging. Designing your business’ interior signage near Chandler and Phoenix is simple enough once you recognize your office’s color scheme and décor theme. Read on to see how to create a well-blended office décor with your interior signage. Interior Sign

Complement the Color Scheme

Your office décor should have a certain color scheme made up of two or three colors. This is a common decorating feature, and it helps to create a cohesive and attractive décor. Your signage should match or complement the color scheme of your office. Determine the main colors on your walls and fixtures. Choose a different color or shade from the office color scheme. For example, yellow signage will stand out among a green, red, and beige color scheme.

Match the Décor Theme

The décor theme will likely concern your company’s personality, mascot, and product. You can order custom-printed signs to match this theme. Matching your signage with the interior décor can create a cohesive look and feel for your employees and customers. The different colors will help the signs to stand out, but a matching design will still keep the look connected. If you wish for a different sign design, then choose a neutral design that will not interfere with your office’s décor theme.

Choose a Dominating Feature

You can ensure your interior signs blend with your office décor by choosing a dominating feature between the signs and décor. If your décor and sign design are both loud and bright, then they will create an unattractive and distracting area of colors, logos, and designs. Consider what will be the most important feature in your office: The signs or the décor. For example, if signs will feature different sales and important information, then consider making the signs brighter than the rest of your color scheme.