Get Acquainted with Your Font Options

Vintage Font Sign

A custom-made exterior sign can be the perfect addition to your Phoenix business’ storefront. When you’re having your outdoor sign designed, however, it’s easy to overlook one of the single most important factors: the font you use for the text. The font may seem like a minor issue, but it really isn’t—using the wrong font can confuse your customers or even make your sign difficult to read. Here are some of the main options that are available to you for your sign’s font:

Vintage font in Phoenix, AZ

Script and Cursive

While cursive is no longer widely taught in schools, it still has its place in design. Rendering your business’ name and motto in the script can give your sign the touch of sophistication and class you’re looking for. It’s important to make sure, however, that the size of the text is large enough—and the letters bright enough—to be read easily.


Serif fonts have distinctive lines jutting out of the ends of their letters. You’ve probably seen serif fonts used numerous times—Times New Roman is one of the most popular examples. Serif fonts have an elegant, traditional look that may be suited for your sign if you want to project a serious, professional image.

Sans Serif

As you might guess from the name, sans serif fonts do not have the tiny lines used in serif fonts. Because of their simplicity, sans serif fonts are extremely popular in today’s advertising graphics. If your sign’s text is short and straightforward, a sans serif font is likely the best choice for you.


Decorative fonts, as the name suggests, have unusual, unpredictable letter designs that are meant to grab the viewer’s attention. While decorative fonts do run the risk of being difficult to read, a well-designed and imaginative decorative font can help to make your business stand out from the crowd.