Factors to Consider When Shopping for LED Signs

LED Sign

The purpose of commercial LED signs is to draw attention to your business, attract new customers, help it stand out from the competition, and make it easier for people to find after the sun goes down. Unfortunately, the wrong LED sign can fail to do any of these things. To make sure you buy an illuminated sign that meets your needs and actually helps your business, here are some factors to consider when shopping for LED signs in Chandler and Phoenix .

LED Sign

Pixel and Pitch

How do you know if an LED sign will look any good when it’s installed and turned on for the first time? For starters, consider the pixel, pitch, and matrix of the LED sign you intend to buy. Individual LEDs grouped together form a pixel . The pitch is the distance from the center of one pixel to the center of the next. All things the same, an LED sign with a tighter pitch (that is to say, the smaller distance between two pixels) will have higher resolution.

LED Display Size

Properly sizing an LED sign requires careful consideration of several factors, including the location of the sign, the speed limit of passing traffic, and the distance from which you want the sign to be legible. For example, LED signs that will be viewed from a long distance do not need as much fine detail as a sign with a short viewing distance, which means a looser pitch is preferable. A commercial sign company in the Valley can help you properly size an LED sign to meet your needs.


Another important factor to consider when shopping for an LED sign is obviously the cost of the sign. The size and pitch of the sign can affect the price, but so can things like color or monochrome LEDs. You’ll also need to take into account the cost of hanging an LED sign if not quoted a price that included LED sign installation.