Creating Quality Signs for Your Restaurant

People Holding Blank Sign

You could serve up the best food in the Valley, but unless people are attracted to your restaurant and enticed to come in you’ll probably have a lot of empty tables. Word of mouth is great for restaurants, as are positive online reviews, but good signage is the bread and butter of any new restaurant that is still establishing itself. Custom-made signs can be just as enticing as any dish you serve up inside, so it’s important that you take your time and work with an experienced business sign company in Phoenix to create a great sign for your restaurant. Here are some sign design tips to get you started.

People Holding Blank Sign

Convey Your Cuisine

When people are in the mood for a certain type of cuisine, they might look for visual cues to help them identify a restaurant that serves up the types of dishes they are craving. Try to incorporate some of the symbols, fonts, or colors typically associated with the type of cuisine you serve. For example, if you own an Italian restaurant, incorporate colors of the Italian flag or use Italian phrases. Get creative and work with a custom sign design firm in Phoenix to come up a great visual representation of the delicious cuisine you serve in your restaurant.

Use Mouth-Watering Colors

Color psychology is the science that explains the connection between certain colors and the psychological effects they have on people. Knowing how different colors affect different people can help you choose primary and secondary sign colors that convey the right message for a restaurant. For example, studies show that blue and purple can result in loss of appetite, and red is known as more of an appetite stimulator.

Keep Signage Clean

People generally don’t want to eat in a dirty restaurant, so it’s important that you keep your signage clean to convey that you run a clean restaurant. Keeping your signage clean will also ensure maximum visibility and can even help to extend the life of your storefront signs.