Exterior Business Signs in Phoenix

Open 24 Hours Sign

Designing your outdoor signs in Chandler and Phoenix is not a task to take lightly. Along with the advertising side of sign design, you also should be practical and consider the surrounding elements found in Phoenix.

Open 24 Hours Sign

Use Bright Colors

Any business sign is going to use some sort of noticeable and bright color as part of its signage. Often, these colors include green, yellow, and orange. Many companies will keep their main business name in white, but accent it with different colors in the logo or sign design. Blue is another popular color, although it is typically employed as a background color to a yellow or white business name. In the end, you must consider your intended customers, as well as the main public. Create your signage in response to the people you wish to attract.

Use Sufficient Backlighting

Almost every business can make use of some sort of LED sign or a backlit metal sign. Employing backlighting will further attract more customers to your store over another with a simple, non-lit sign. You may also consider a lightbox separate from your store, such as a monument sign or a smaller sign located in a nearby shopping center. This extra form of advertising will alert customers to your presence as they drive or walk by the exterior sign. If you highlight advertising campaigns or products in the lightbox, you may consider keeping it lit when your store is not open. This advertisement can entice customers to call your store during business hours.

Use a Knowledgeable Sign Company

Take advantage of a local sign company, especially for a sunny place like Phoenix. A local sign company will help you plan against possible color fading due to sun exposure. They can also advise you on the best ways to design your lighted signs, as well as the best times to turn the lights on. They will also use stronger materials that will stand up to the notorious heat of the desert.