Planning Your Franchise Sign

Franchising Signs

When planning your franchise signs near Chandler and Phoenix, you should keep your customers in mind. Designing attractive signage that will show up in multiple places is important to draw customers into the individual franchises. Here are some considerations when planning your franchise signs.

  • Think about the business name, the font it is in, and the accompanying logo. It should be easy to read and appealing to various groups of customers, but especially to your intended demographic.
  • Consider the types of colors that will show up on your signage. They should be bright and colorful, but not overwhelming. Consider all of the locations these signs will be located—e.g. in a mall, food court, on the street—and how they will look next to the possible colors and lighting surrounding them.
  • You should consider if your franchise sign should be lit up. If every location has a standard set of hours that go well into the evening, then an LED or neon sign is smart. However, if each store can determine their hours, you may want to leave the decision of backlighting up to the franchise owner.

Franchise Sign