Making Your Logo Stand Out

Logo Stand Out

If you’re like most people, chances are you can call to mind at least a few different iconic company logos. These logos are easily recognizable and often simple, identifiable by consumers at just a single glance. Your business’s signage in Phoenix should reflect your logo as it appears on your other marketing materials so that customers become familiar with your brand. Read on to learn more about making your logo stand out.

Your logo should be easy to read and contain no more than 3 colors. You may want to consider how your logo will look in greyscale as well as in full color. Consistency is also important for logo design. Customers will see your logo in different places, and even small differences can confuse people and make them think that they are seeing a number of different businesses represented by similar logos. Try to keep your colors and logo consistent on your business’s signs both inside and outside your store, and ask for feedback if you are unsure of the sign design of a new logo.