Areas of Your Business Interior That Can Benefit from Signs

Different Colors

Your business’ interior signage is just as important as your outdoor signage. Once customers have come into your business, they must be able to find the department they wish to visit or be drawn to a clearance section. These are just a few areas that can benefit from the right sign design near Chandler and Phoenix. Let’s take a better look at certain areas around your business interior that should have signs. Interior Business Sign


Informational signs, for specific departments or areas of your store, are going to be some of the most important types of signage your store will use. Bookstores and video stores will use genres on their signage; clothing stores will feature styles, ages, and genders on their signage; and grocery stores will show different foods and ingredients on their signs. These interior signs may seem mundane, but they showcase the reason your customers come into your store. These types of signs are necessary to inform your customers where to look for the items they need.


Your business’ clearance signs will be slightly different from the rest of your department or informational signs. Though your clearance or sale areas are possibly contained in their own department, the signs must be attention-grabbing and eye-catching to your customers. These persuasive signs are typically made in red, orange, or yellow because these are stimulating colors that can cause a sense of urgency in your customers. Your customers may need your store’s specific department signs, but they want to see your clearance signs.


Bathrooms, exits, and other areas in your store need to feature certain signs for government-compliance reasons. These types of signage should be clear, concise, and follow the required rules. Many of these sign designs are universal in the United States, such as neon signs for exits or entrances. Bathroom signage must have Braille for the seeing-impaired, as well as clear signage for other handicap features in your store. Speak with your sign company about many of these required signs for your business.