Spotlight on Sandblasted Signs

Blank Business Sign

Custom-made signs are popular additions to any business because they offer customers a look at an original piece of artwork that the company chooses to show off. Sandblasted signs are a beautiful and timeless type of signage that works well with custom-made signs in Chandler and Phoenix. Here is a brief look at what sandblasted signs are and how they are made:

A business will work with a qualified sign company on the right design for a sandblasted sign. Once the sign design has been approved, a machine will plot out the design on special material that will stick to a piece of wood or High Density Urethane, also known as H.D.U. Over the course of this process, the piece will undergo regular sanding and cutting to perfect the desired shape of the sign. The shaped sign will then be placed in a contained area where it will undergo high-powered blasting of fine, sand particles. These particles will depress the surface around the sign design until the design appears raised. The sign will then be primed, painted, and finished according to the business’ sign specifications.

Wood Business Sign