Deciding What Information Should Go on Your Event Banner

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When you hold a special event, it’s vital to design and display signage that addresses the unique goals and benefits of the event you’re hosting. Event banners differ from other types of business signage in several ways, including the type of information displayed on the sign. When designing a business banner in Chandler or Phoenix, the most important detail to include is your business name or logo. This will help to associate your brand with the event. You should also ensure the banner clearly displays information about the date and time of the event, as well as contact information for tickets and other questions regarding attendance. In many cases, this is accomplished by including a phone number or website that directs individuals to further event details and information.

Event banners may be one-use or multipurpose signage that allows you to explore the more creative and even fun side of sign design. Working with an experienced building sign and banner service will ensure your banner not only includes the information it needs for success, but also appeals to a broad audience to achieve your event advertising goals.

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