Does Color Influence Purchasing Decisions?

Consumer Habits

Color is a crucial element of branding and imaging, so it makes sense that it’s so important when it comes to sign design near Chandler and Phoenix . Color even has an effect on the way we live our lives, and it influences us in ways that many of us are unaware of. Check out this video clip to see if color influences purchasing options.

If color can have an effect on your mood, chances are it can influence your purchasing habits. Consumers don’t take long to decide whether they do or don’t like a product just by looking at it for the first time. Women and men also tend to have different tastes in color, which is a key element in terms of marketing. People tend to see blue as a trustworthy color, while green is associated with nature and sustainability. Think about your color choices when working out your sign designsContact us to learn more about signs in Phoenix DMA.