Use Color Psychology to Improve the Effectiveness of Your Business Signs

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Color psychology has been studied at length, and there are various colors linked to different business practices. For example, restaurant signs in Chandler and Phoenix often use red to engage diners. However, blue and green are productive colors for office signage. Let’s take a look at the psychology associated with various colors to see how your business signs can be most effective. business - sign

Blue is Accepted

Blue is one of the most accepted colors in personal and professional settings. It is a calming color without inducing tiredness. It is also most people’s favorite color. Include shades of blue in your office décor and interior business signs.

Yellow is Unappealing

Yellow is considered to be an unappealing color to most people. It is often unflattering in most décors and clothing, so people generally avoid it. It is best to stay away from overwhelming amounts of yellow in your custom-printed signs. If you do choose a yellow color, then a pastel shade may be better accepted.

White is Boring

White can be a good color if your business is based upon modern décor and focuses only on selling engaging products. However, white is often considered unstimulating and monochromatic. Your employees and customers may find their minds wandering while in your store. If you use white in your business signs, then place a stimulating color or design with it to capture attention.

Red is Energetic

Red is a widely-used color in marketing, because it generates energy and impulse. Many restaurants and fast food locations use red and orange in their franchise signs to attract customers to buy food whether they are hungry or not. However, red can be distracting for those trying to stay on task. Use red in your sign design to attract customers, but use it sparingly in your office décor to ensure that your employees stay focused.

Green is Creative

Green is a creative and natural color that often sparks productivity. If your office space is devoted to your employees, rather than customers shopping, then decorate with green décor and signage.