Your Guide to Choosing the Best Colors for Your Exterior Business Sign

Color Tree

Choosing colors for your outdoor sign in Chandler and Phoenix can seem daunting, especially considering how important colors can be for drawing in customers. Your signage should feature the colors of your business’ industry while also representing your individual business. Your business’ sign design and colors need to attract and showcase your business to entice customers to enter your store. Continue reading for a brief guide on how to choose colors for your outdoor signs. Colorful - Sign

Think about your entire sign.

Though your colors are extremely important to subconsciously affecting your clientele, you must consider how those colors will interact with your entire sign design. If you have a specific mascot that features on your exterior signs, then the colors must complement or interact with this feature in a positive and understandable way. It is also necessary to ensure the colors are legible through the font that you have chosen, or that the predetermined colored writing will stand out nicely over your background color.

Choose colors for your business.

Colors have been proven to affect the way customers react to various types of business. For example, red and orange can stimulate appetite, making these ideal colors for restaurants. Greens and browns are seen as natural, healthy colors, so they are often associated with grocery stores and whole foods stores. Choose your exterior sign’s colors based on the colors commonly associated with your business’ industry. These colors will draw in more customers to your store and encourage them to purchase from you.

Consider contrasting colors for impact.

Contrasting colors, such as blue and orange or green and purple, can have a significant impact on your exterior signage. These types of colors create a dynamic and interesting looking sign that will invoke customers’ curiosity. Refrain from using overpowering colors or a vastly uneven use of colors on your storefront signs. By using overpowering or intense colors, you risk customers misunderstanding or disliking your sign’s message. Look for a healthy mixture of all the colors you choose.